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Short story about how Belarusian professional piano player became a nail artist in New York city

Hello, my name is Dasha and I’m from Belarus. This is relatively small country, so, if you don’t know where it is located – it is OK, just take a look at Eastern Europe right between Poland and Russia. Here we are. Now let’s go from geography to my modest person. Drawing has been my passion since I remember myself. I even was taking art lessons, but my Mom had dreamed about musician already. As you guess already, I graduated conservatory of music in 2008 and worked as concertmaster and piano teacher in a music school. With my pupils participated in countless competitions and concerts. Drawing and designing of clothes stayed my favorite hobbies.

New York city

I moved to United States in 2016. Changing a country where you live is a great challenge but also it is great opportunity to change something else in your life, a career path for example. By that time I was a little bit tired of music. I started wondering what kind of career can I chose. I like beauty industry, I like drawing, I like doing something by my hands and see results of my work. Nail Art fits all these wishes. That is how I became licensed New York nail artist.

Happy clients – happy me

What I’m really enjoying in my work – it is a great feeling when work is done and I see joy and happiness on my client’s faces. I’m trying to build fair and friendly relations with my clients and they pay me the same way – they coming back as soon as they can.

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Dasha does INCREDIBLE work. I always look forward to get my nails done by her. You will not be disappointed AT ALL!!!!!

Jay Hernandez

I absolutely Love Dasha work. She never fails to amaze me with her talent, and attentiveness to detail. Never disappointed, and always receive many compliments. She is the best!

Jill Gonz