I’m happy to introduce my new nail design in. It’s slightly complex in implementation but the result is really exiting and eye-catching.

Aquarium nails – is a technic that in contrast with hand drawn nails technics allows to create effects of deepness, volume and multilayerness. You can create wide variety of three-dimensional nail art and nothing will stop your imagination.

In this tutorial I will show you how I do a nail extension called “Modern almond” with an Aquarium French design.

To create this nail design, I use stained glass gels, gold foil, plastic wrap and different glittery things. The intrigue of these nails is that they also glow in the dark because of added fluorescent pigment.

In this video, you will also see how I remove old nails and remove volumetric decorations from them, do a manicure, build up new nails step by step, create an aquarium design and do nail filings.

Aquarium nails

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